Production date, 2023
Form, series of four physical maps, printed on 5mm Kroma display board

Borderlines is a set of physical maps that creates a bodily territory out of the Exclusive Economic Zones of the eight countries that border the Greater North Sea. Each of these eight countries can claim a territory of 200 nautical miles from their coastline, the EEZ.

These zones then allow the country to economically benefit from the “content” within. Looking through the lens of cartography these territories create abstract geometric forms from an otherwise fluid volume of water. Using these forms as the medium, the sculptural pieces challenge the notion of land ownership and natural resource extractivsm. Physicalising these areas and giving them a volume questions border politics and the absurdity of humans control over natural resources.

Collaborators and contributors,
Artist Peter van Ede, collaborating through Creative Playground project
Kohlschein, supplier of 5mm Korma Displayboard
Canon Nederland, supplier of inks

2023 Creative playground, Canon Customer Experience Center, NL