is an artist, designer, researcher, occasional fisherwoman and current North Sea explorer, and when on land - is based in Rotterdam, NL.
Her work investigates industry systems through a geo-political lens, and she critically challenges the environmental, economic, and political impact between human and more-than-human. Her relationship to site is a narrative that unfolds within her work through comprehensive forms of field research, and she works with mapping as a tool to fully immerse herself within these contexts.
  She produces mixed media installations that include, documentary style videos, ceramics, site collaborative works, performance, textiles, text-based narratives, and sculptural pieces. Her practice explores the tangible intersections between interdisciplinary fields from ecology, ocean science, politics, and investigative journalism, and she works with information design to unpack and explore the complexities of these interwoven topics.
    Brogen is a recent alumnus of the Design Academy Eindhoven. [2022] Her graduation work critically reacts to the commercial fishing industry and dissects the relationship between the structure of food systems and the subsequent impact on border politics, legal frameworks, natural resource extraction and the environmental and social consequences.
    Brogen has exhibited in Milan Design Week [2023] in Isola Design District’s Rising Talents exhibition. Art Rotterdam as part of the 2023 The New Current and Dutch Design Week at GS22 [2022]. She has also worked with, Dutch Invetuals, NL, Canon Nederland, NL, Onomatopee, NL, WoRM Rotterdam, NL, Hella Jongerius Studio, NL,  Enough Room for Space, BE, Time and Tide Museum, UK, The Holy Art London, UK, Stadt Leipzig Kulturamt, DE, and is excited to welcome future collaborations and can be reached at


2018 - 2022 Bachelor Degree Department Public Private Design Academy Eindhoven, NL

2019 Erasmus+ Masters of Public Art & New Artistic Strategies Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, DE

2017 - 2018 Art and Design Foundation Diploma, East Norfolk Sixth Form, UK


2023 Rising Talents, Milan Design week, IT

2023 Creative Playground︎︎︎, Canon Customer Experience Center, NL

2023 The New Current︎︎︎, Art Rotterdam, NL

2022 GS22 graduation show, Dutch Design Week, NL

2022 Eternity, The Holy Art London, UK

2021 Bauhaus Goes Leipzig: Encountering the sleeping giant Leipzig, DE

2020 Meeting Grounds Goes Online︎︎︎,Onomatopee, NL

2020 It’s Time to Go People, Lab-1, NL

2019 Play.Think.Make︎︎︎, WoRM Rotterdam, NL

2019 Transcend, Great Yarmouth Central Library, UK

Proffessional Experiences

2023 Scenographer & exhibition designer, Isola Design District exhibition - Rising Talents︎︎︎, Milan Design Week, IT

2023 Junior Textile Designer, Hella Jongerius Loom Room Installation︎︎︎, NL

2023 Transcriber and copy-editor, Enough Room for Space︎︎︎, BE

2023 Voice actor, Dutch Invertuals Academy︎︎︎, NL

2022 Studio Manager, Dutch Invertuals︎︎︎, NL

2022 Panelist, GS22 The Arena Ecological Domination︎︎︎, NL

2022 3D printing Technician, Shapeways, NL

2021 Solo Sculpture Designer, Eindhoven Peace Path︎︎︎, NL

2021 Artist Assistant, Maarten Vanden Eynde︎︎︎, BE

2021 Artist Assistant, Marjolijn Dijkman︎︎︎, BE

2021 Communication coordinator, Enough Room for Space︎︎︎, artist collective, BE

2021 Copy editor, Publication Wasted, Renewi, NL

2020 Co-host, Meeting Grounds Goes Online︎︎︎, Onomatopee, Eindhoven, NL

2019 Information Guide, Dutch Design Week, NL

2018 Tour Guide Host, Dutch Design Week, NL